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I’m thrilled to announce that I recently accepted a position in Red Hat as Cloud Management Strategy Director. I joined the Strategy Team led by Alessandro Perilli in Red Hat’s Management Business Unit.

When Alessandro left and at the end of 2010 to join Gartner, I inherited the editorial control and we didn’t have the possibility to work together for the next 4 years. It’s great to finally have that chance.
This role will give me a great opportunity to apply what my customers taught me over the past 10 years to help shaping better solutions to real world problems.

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Release: VMware Mirage 5.2

VMware has released version 5.2 of its centralized image management solution for Windows desktops: Mirage. Version 5.2 is the follow-up of version 5.1 which was released in September this year.

VMware Mirage is also part of the Horizon FLEX offering, VMware’s end user computing suite that complements View, the company’s VDI product.

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VMware makes App Volumes generally available

In August this year, VMware acquired CloudVolumes, a company providing an application containerization solution, similar to what Docker is currently providing. Actually buying the CloudVolumes solution was quite confusing, since VMware already had Mirage and ThinApp available.

In a nutshell, VMware explains that the three products can be used complementary to each other, to further understand how this work, the following blogpost by Tim Arenz, senior consultant for EUC at VMware gives a good overview of the possiblities: "CloudVolumes, Mirage and ThinApp: when to use what?"

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Release: 5nine Manager 6.0 for Hyper-V

5nine Logo Logo

5nine has released version 6.0 of its Microsoft hypervisor management solution 5nine Manager. 5nine Manager is capable of managing multiple versions of Microsoft Hyper-V hosts, and also provdes an agentless antivirus plugin for full and incremental VM and host scans. Besides that it provides features like Hyper-V logs, Application logs, an integrated Best Practices Analyzer, the ability to copy Hyper-V settings between hosts and a File Manager.

New functionality in version 6.0:

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Release: Dell Wyse vWorkSpace 8.5

Dell has released version 8.5 of its VDI Connection Broker Software Wyse vWorkspace. vWorkSpace was part of the product portfolio of Quest when it was acquired by Dell in September 2012. Version 8.5 is the follow up of version 8.0 which was released in April last year, and now the Wyse product line brand is added to its name.

Starting in this version, vWorkSpace offers a connector which works on HTML 5 capable browsers.

Additional features are:

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