VMware makes App Volumes generally available

In August this year, VMware acquired CloudVolumes, a company providing an application containerization solution, similar to what Docker is currently providing. Actually buying the CloudVolumes solution was quite confusing, since VMware already had Mirage and ThinApp available.

In a nutshell, VMware explains that the three products can be used complementary to each other, to further understand how this work, the following blogpost by Tim Arenz, senior consultant for EUC at VMware gives a good overview of the possiblities: "CloudVolumes, Mirage and ThinApp: when to use what?"


So CloudVolumes, now rebranded as VMware App Volumes is now generally available, its now integrated into Horizon view, and available within Horizon 6 Enterprise but also will be kept available for Citrix customers still using the solution in a standalone version. How long VMware will keep supporting App Volumes on top of Citrix XenApp en XenDesktop solutions remains to be seen ofcourse.