Paper: Virtualization Fabric Design Considerations Guide

Microsoft has released a paper titled:"Virtualization Fabric Design Considerations Guide". The paper which contains 53 pages helps you to understand how to design a virtualization fabric that is able to host many virtual machines in your organization. The paper is intended for Information technology (IT) professionals within medium to large organizations who are responsible for designing a virtualization fabric that supports many virtual machines.


The paper contains the following sections:

  • Design Considerations Overview
  • Step 1 – Determine virtual machine resource requirements
  • Step 2 – Plan for virtual machine configuration
  • Step 3 – Plan for server virtualization host groups
  • Step 4 – Plan for server virtualization hosts
  • Step 5 – Plan for virtualization fabric architecture concepts
  • Step 6 – Plan for initial capability characteristics
  • Next Steps

Within the document Microsoft also makes a reference to two other very interesting documents, which provide foundational concepts that are observed across multiple virtualization fabric designs and can serve as a basis for any virtualization fabric design: