Lakeside Software signs agreement with multiple vendors to use SysTrack MarketPlace

On February 26, Lakeside Software announced integration agreements with technology vendors: Nutanix, Unidesk and World Wide Technology (WWT) to use these vendors’ products within SysTrack MarketPlace.

SysTrack MarketPlace provides analysis for sizing and selecting hardware, software and service infrastructure. The three vendors will integrate into SysTrack MarketPlace as it follows: Nutanix with its converged compute and storage Unidesk will simplify VDI image management and application delivery, and as for WWT report, SysTrack provides a summary of the metrics gathered and describes the infrastructure sizing implications when customers enable workforce with VDI.

Carrie Reynolds, director Sales of Lakeside Software declares:

SysTrack MarketPlace is about providing actionable information and recommendations about customers’ specific implementation. With the addition of informative reports for Nutanix, Unidesk and WWT, SysTrack Marketplace provides IT professionals with even more information to help them efficiently and effectively manage their environment.

Howard Ting, VP Marketing of Nutanix:

Virtualization in the datacenter has suffered from overbearing complexity due to traditional network-based storage such as SAN/NAS that limit scalability and performance while driving up cost. Nutanix has delivered a next-generation converged storage and compute platform to allow for optimal scalability and simplicity while dramatically lowering both capex and opex. The SysTrack MarketPlace report delivers powerful data analysis, which ensures the Nutanix infrastructure is right-sized for every organization’s virtualization initiatives and helps our mutual customers achieve optimal IT efficiency and ROI.

Tom Rose, chief marketing officer of Unidesk:

The management of applications and Windows images is a big problem in VDI projects with user and desktop diversity. With the MarketPlace for Unidesk report, IT managers can identify applications that are ill-suited for application virtualization and are better delivered by Unidesk desktop layering software. SysTrack highlights Unidesk’s cost-saving benefits of using one clean gold image for all desktops, packaging heavily and lightly used apps as interoperable layers, and providing storage-efficient persistent desktops that enable users to install and manage one-off apps on their own.

Jason Diestelkamp, data center solution architect of WWT:

SysTrack MarketPlace has increased our efficiency and value in delivering VDI assessments and ongoing VDI monitoring and management. This capability allows us to generate a custom report for our customers that contains the essential data to ensure our solution will meet the unique needs of each customer.