Partnership agreement: Citrix and Palo Alto Networks

Just a couple of weeks ago Citrix announced its partnership with Dutch cloud backup software vendor BackupAgent, today we received the news about its new partnership agreement with Californian Palo Alto Networks.

Citrix is dynamically evoluting,  between new partnerships and acquisitions, such as the last one of Beetil, to compete the rapidly growing market of cloud-based and virtualized services. This new partnership with Palo Alto Networks, a network security company, would permit to create simplified network solutions of desktop virtualization.

This collaboration would be able to provide secure and flexible cloud applications and the two companies would work together for the introductions of  joint solutions for mutual customers.
Rene Bonvanie, Chief Marketing Officer, Palo Alto Networks, declares:
Citrix and Palo Alto Networks share a common vision for how networks are evolving. There’s synergy in bringing these two technologies together to deliver next-generation cloud network solutions.
Sunil Potti, Vice President and General Manager, NetScaler Product Group, Citrix, affirms:
Palo Alto Networks and Citrix have already established strong, but independent, positions in leading cloud-first network solutions.  Our alliance will provide customers with the freedom to leverage the leading advanced delivery controller and firewall solutions without compromising on integration, simplification and consolidation.