Cisco acquires Virtuata

Today Hilton Romanski, Cisco VP of corporate development, announced, through a blog post, the acquisition of Virtuata Inc. a private held company located in Silicon Valley and specialized in virtual machine security.

As companies move toward virtualized or cloud solutions, the security of virtual machines, deployed locally or through multiple datacenters or infrastructures, grows in importance.

Cisco, following the example of several startups in the market, acquires, with Virtuata, the competence needed to complete his offering.

Cloud and virtualization are significant disrupters in the market. When customers move to these environments, security concerns arise where infrastructure is shared across multiple applications, business units or even organizations. As more and more business applications move to virtualized platforms, security and isolation become necessary conditions at the virtual machine level. This acquisition is highly complementary to Cisco’s vision of a unified data center that securely connects people and businesses with applications and data through virtual and cloud environments.