Release: VMware vFabric Data Director 2.0

Last week VMware announced VMware vFabric Data Director 2.0 that introduces the support for virtualization of Oracle databases on vSphere.

Provide Database as a Service is an important goal for IT departments that supports development projects or a large number of databases with different lifecycles, vFabric Data Director 2.0 promises more simplification and automation in the whole management process.

New and expanded capabilities in vFabric Data Director 2.0 include:

  • Expanded database support – vFabric Data Director 2.0 now supports Oracle 10gR2, Oracle 11gR2 as well as vFabric Postgres 9.1 (a VMware optimized relational database based on PostgreSQL).
  • Automated physical-to-virtual migration – To further simplify database virtualization, vFabric Data Director 2.0 now automates the process of migrating a physical database into a virtual environment. This enables enterprises to consolidate existing databases on VMware vSphere, achieving further cost savings and agility.
  • Integration with cloud infrastructure and big data solutions – APIs for integration with other products such as vCloud® Director™, vFabric Application Director™,the Cloud Foundry™ open source project, EMC Data Domain, and Greenplum Chorus. Enterprises using these products can now leverage Data Director for database provisioning and management for an integrated experience.

Pricing and Availability

vFabric Data Director 2.0 is currently available and is licensed per VM of managed database at $750 per VM up to two vCPUs. For more information, please visit the product page.