Brian Gammage puts some order in VMware’s strategy

Today Milan hosted the VMware Forum 2012, during the opening keynote Brian Gammage, VMware’s Chief Market Technologist, tried to collect all the news and declarations we heard in the last few days, like the acquisition of Wanova and Stephen Herrod’s speech at another italian event, and give an univocal reading to the entire plan.

The starting point of the keynote was “we just came out from Mainframe to Client-Server transition, which started with an economical advantage and endend with an incredible overhead just to control the new power given to the users we must be careful with the transition to Cloud-era“.

Its easy to get confused with VMware’s products line because we are the only company with such a large offering” continued Gammage, probably referring to the supposed gaffe of Stephen Herrods, then presented a slide that resumed VMware’s offering in a SIMPLIFY-MANAGE-CONNECT schema.

The key strategy for Gammage is policy-based automation, CIOs needs systems able to learn whats is normal in their environments and adapt the resources on the realtime needs, VMware’s answer, summarizing, is the vCenter Operations Management Suite.