Release: VKernel vOPS Server Standard 5.0

Last week VKernel announced the release of vOPS Server Standar 5.0 with a particular emphasis on the introduction of new automation features like on-click auto-deployment of capacity reservations, automated risk assessment of VM configuration modifications and automatic rollback capabilities for unauthorized environments changes.

VKernel, sensitive to the automation challenge supported from the other vendors, extended these capabilities in this new release  allowing automatically deployment of Virtual Machines based on capacity reservations. These virtual machine reservation are now able to autonomously trigger virtual machine deployments closing the capacity management process loop.

vOPS Server 5.0 also features a new Change Analyzer module that collects, analyzes and archives all the data needed to automatically assess the risk related to environment changes, the same module grants the possibility to enable a quick roll back of the changes made.

Additional Functionality
Additional functionality in vOPS Server 5.0 includes:

  • Configuration Management Capabilities – vOPS Server now tracks all changes in the virtual environment, allows for comparisons of VMs against other VMs, templates, or the same VM at other points in time and shows the impacts of changes on performance and capacity.
  • Manual Overrides for Automated Rightsizing – Sizing recommendations for VM vCPUs and memory can now be overridden manually for specific VMs, and then implemented with rightsizing automation.
  • Quick Start Dashboard – First-time vOPS Server users will be able to immediately solve issues through a dashboard that offers quick entry to the many functions inside vOPS.

vOPS Server Standard 5.0 is available now for a 30-day trial from Pricing starts at $549 per socket.