VMware acquires Wanova

Yesterday VMware announced the acquisition of Wanova Inc. a company whose main product is called Mirage.

Mirage is a centralized management and recovery solution for physical desktop images over the cloud, uses a layering technology to segment OS, applications and user personalizations into isolated containers allowing administrators to manage separately hardware and each layer of software.

Wanova’s technology will be integrated into VMware View finally offering layering functionalities and a deeper user customization, maybe will also introduce a little bit of physical desktop culture into VMware’s offering.

Centralized Image Management of Both Physical and Virtual Desktops
The combination of VMware View™ and Wanova Mirage™ will enable IT organizations to offer a better user experience for employees and increased operational savings across all device types, by:

  • Deploying Centralized, Single Image Management for Both Physical and Virtual Desktops –IT organizations will be able to automatically synchronize PC image updates/upgrades to all types of endpoints – physical virtual, tethered desktops, or roaming laptops (Mac and PC).
  • Supporting Departmental and User Installed Applications – Advanced layering technology will enable the deployment of persistent departmental and/or user installed applications in centrally managed desktop images, providing every end user with a low cost personalized physical or virtual desktop.
  • Gaining High Availability and Rapid Disaster Recovery  –Image-syncing technology efficiently stores all elements of a user’s desktop image in a company’s private cloud for complete management and backup, while desktop streaming and layering technology enables quick recovery and repair services for all types of endpoints, even over WAN.
  • Delivering Universal Access – Image-syncing and layering technology can enable universal access that facilitates seamless transitions between all types of endpoints – physical, virtual, tethered desktops, or roaming laptops (Mac or PC).