Login VSI benchmarking tool integrated with VDI Client Side Testing

On 29th of March Login Consultants announced the new Client Side Performance Testing module for Login VSI.

Included as an option in Login VSI Pro 3.6 the module allows full end-to-end measurement of the user experience in desktop virtualization environments.

This tool may fill the gap for a more realistic VDI environment benchmark that includes end-to-end performance metering.

VDI Client Side Testing module is still a beta and the final price has yet to be announced.

The new testing scenarios introduced includes:

  • What if we increase the number of users on a single server- or pool of servers? What is the impact of responsiveness of protocol on client side?
  • If we switch from Server Side to Client Side rendering, what is the impact on bandwidth consumption and therefore protocol responsiveness?
  • What is the real effect of WAN accelerators on response time at the endpoint (no caching = realistic results)?

Source: http://www.loginvsi.com/en/news/press-release-vdi-benchmarking-tool-login-vsi-enhanced-with-client-side-performance-testing