VMware shows his vision for the Post-PC Era

On March 9, VMware published a paper, intended mainly for business decision-makers, where tries to explain its vision of VDI future in terms of cost & time savings.
An important step is where the author rationalizes the entire product portfolio that VMware puts on the market (now or in the near future) to complete his vision:

  • VMware View: Virtual desktops as a managed service
  • VMware ThinApp: Virtual applications as a managed service
  • Project AppBlast: HTML5-based delivery of legacy applications via a web browser
  • Project Octopus: Secure data share and sync
  • Horizon Application Manager: Now, policy-based management of applications (SaaS, web applications, ThinApp virtualized Windows applications, and enterprise applications). Soon, policy-based management of all public and private cloud services (desktops, applications, and data).
  • Horizon Mobile: A secure, managed, and policy-driven virtual smartphone for work, isolated and protected inside a personal smartphone

Cloud-based social/collaborative applications, designed for mobility:

  • Zimbra: Open-source email and collaboration
  • Strides: Social task management
  • Socialcast: Enterprise social networking
  • SlideRocket: Online presentation software

The paper then covers 7 main points that VMware considers key challenges for future VDI implementations:

  • Desktop hardware and software deployment
  • User administration
  • Image and application management
  • Desktop patch management
  • Desktop data security
  • Desktop disaster recovery and data backup
  • Desktop help desk and support

and concludes:

“A VMware View virtual desktop solution resolves many of the economic and user satisfaction issues of a desktop environment. A View deployment saves an average of 7 hours of labor per user desktop per year, out of 12.2 hours labor per user on a physical desktop per year. This is a 57% decrease in labor costs with a VMware View implementation. Multiply the 7 hours by your number of users, and the time available for other projects is a convincing argument for virtual desktops.”

Source: http://www.vmware.com/resources/techresources/10259

Via: http://www.ntpro.nl/blog/archives/2011-175-VMware-View-5-Windows-7-Virtual-Desktops-on-One-Cisco-UCS-B230-Blade-Server.html