Citrix exec to chair Open Kernel Labs Board of Directors

After VMWare aquired the mobile virtualization startup Trango for which the outcome is now reflected in the VMware Mobile Virtual Platform (MVP) Architecture, Citrix invested in one of Trango’s biggest competitors: Open Kernel Labs in order to provide Windows virtualization for smartphones.

Open Kernel Labs has been very critical since on the VMware MVP architecture, detailed by in November this year, where Open Kernel Labs critizes the use of a type-2 architecture by VMware.

Appearantly Citrix wants more influence at Open Kernel Labs since Open Kernel Labs now has appointed Frank Artale who works for Citrix to chair the Board of Directors, MarketWire reports. Artale was VP of Business Development at Citrix for the last 3 years. Before that he was director at Resolute, and before that he worked for XenSource until it was acquired by Citrix in October 2007. Before that he held several positions at Consera Software, VERITAS software and Microsoft .