VMware offers Integrien Alive for free

Beginning last week of November, VMware started giving away free licenses of Alive VM to customers purchasing vSphere or other products.

Acquired from Integrien this September, Alive analyzes and correlates data across the monitored IT infrastructure in a pretty unique way: for each tracked resource, it can identify the normal behavior of every metric (which implies a dynamic adjustment of thresholds) and then automatically recognize an anomaly. Impressively enough, Alive can handle upwards of 10 million individual metrics every 5 minutes.

The free perpetual license allows to monitor up to 50 virtual machines and includes one year of Basic Support and Subscription (SnS). To have it, customers must purchase products above within March 1st, 2011.

There’s a caveat anyway: Alive VM is not yet available. It’s not clear when VMware will re-release it, but customers adhering this promotion will have to wait 30 days after the GA before being able to use their free licenses.

Thanks to TechTarget for the news.