Release: VMware VMmark 2.0

Released as a public beta in August, the VMware benchmark framework VMmark 2.0 is finally available.

VMmark 1.0 was focused on measuring the performance of a single virtualization host, but now that the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) has finally released an industry standard tool for this, VMware is moving forward.

VMmark 2.0 focuses on measuring the performance of a whole virtual data center, including complex operations like manual and automated (or DRS-initated) vMotion, Storage vMotion, as well as virtual machines cloning and deployment.

This time each VMmark tile includes:

  • a multi-tier OLTP workload (DVD Store 2) consisting of a 4-vCPU database VM and three 2-vCPU webserver VMs driving a bursty load profile
  • a multi-tier social networking workload (OLIO) consisting of a 4-vCPU web server and a 2-vCPU database server
  • a mail server workload (Microsoft Exchange2007) consisting of a 4-vCPU mailserver
  • a standby server with just one vCPU



Now, it’s just a matter of time before OEMs will start submitting their scores online.

Meanwhile, following the trend, it’s likely VMware is already working on VMmark 3.0, focused on measuring the performance of an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud.