Release: ToutVirtual VirtualIQ Pro 3.0

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The US startup ToutVirtual is slowly trying to reemerge from the oblivion where two years of almost zero progresses put it.

In October 2008 the company announced the support for Microsoft Hyper-V, now it announces the availability of VirtualIQ Pro 3.0.

It’s not exactly clear when the product reached version 2.0, but this new 3.0 at least has some interesting features:

  • Physical and virtual asset and inventory discovery
  • Physical to virtual (P2V) migration analyzer
    Perform multiple “what-if” workload placement analysis for virtual machine (VM) density planning
  • Virtualization analytics
    Host-Host, Host-VM, Host-HostGroup, Inter-VM and Intra-VM resource dependency analysis
  • Policy engine for virtualization automation
    Supports “crawl-walk-run” automation modes, event-triggered automation, and time-triggered (scheduled) automation
  • Role-based access
    Stand-alone, Active Directory and OpenLDAP authentications supported


The company also extended the number of supported virtualization platforms: now Oracle VM is side by side with VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and Novell hypervisors.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.