Release: Quest vWorkspace 6.0

quest logo

With 2009 it seems that Quest finally decided to leave the shadows and roll out its new go-to-market strategy for the virtualization industry.

The first place where the company is pushing its brand is Provision Networks, the startup focused on VDI and presentation virtualization that Quest acquired in November 2007.

The subsidiary launches today the version 6.0 of its Virtual Access Suite (VAS) but the original brand disappeared (replaced by a Quest Desktop Virtualization Group logo) and the product is now called vWorkspace.

Besides the brand and name, vWorkspace 6.0 introduces some important features:

  • Experience Optimized Protocol (EOP)
    Offers multimedia content redirection to both Windows and Linux end-points for local playback, performance enhancement as much as 800% over the native display protocol, local text echoing for immediate keystroke feedback, and bi-directional audio
  • Desktop Lifecycle Management
    Automates the provisioning and mass production of desktops and servers from a single golden image including Active Directory (AD) integration while also automating the deletion of desktops and their removal from AD upon expiration
  • Delegated Administration Management
    Essential for large scale deployments, enables the logical presentation of desktop infrastructure assets in geographic zones, and allows fine-grained delegated administrative responsibility among staff members
  • Desktop Integrity Management
    Automates the reversal of the desktop state to its original condition upon reboot

The Virtualization Industry Radar and the Virtualization Industry Roadmap have been updated accordingly.