Tool: ESX Manager

The guys at just released an interesting tool called ESX Manager.

The software, available only for Windows, is able to act as VirtualCenter replacement offering a fair amount of extended features:

  • Keeps track of Virtual Machine Host Registration, Migrations and Status
  • Manage Virtual Machine Configuration
  • Display and work in the Virtual Machine Console
  • Kill Virtual Machine Process (if the VM can’t be powered off)
  • Rename Virtual Disks of registered Virtual Machines
  • Move Virtual Disks and keep the disk attached to the Virtual Machine
  • Virtual Machine Registration, Start , Restart , Reset, Power Off, Suspend
  • Extend Virtual Disks
  • View-Search-Filter Logfiles on the ESX Host
  • Define and save custom SSH commands with Parameter handling
  • Publish and share custom SSH commands with other ESX Administrators

The product currently supports ESX 3.5 but not the 3i version.
The only requirement is the VirtualCenter Infrastructure Client.


Download it free of charge here.