Parallels signs an OEM agreement with HP

In the last period the HP effort in virtualization is remarkable.

And now the company inks another key deal with Parallels to distribute its OS virtualization technology, Virtuozzo Containers, on its Integrity servers (based on Intel Itanium architecture).

In April suggested a provocative scenario where Parallels would be more than happy to sell to HP, but the former acted fast to discourage any hypothesis in that direction. Now the two announce this partnership.

Also Parallels is performing well in the recent time.

Additionally the company’s CEO, Sergey Belousov, announced the plan to invest $10 million in Russia within 2010. But its on the upcoming Parallels Server that the company will have to compete for a larger market share.

The Mac OS version of the product is already out, but the customers are waiting for the Windows/Linux edition to compare against the existing offering and judge which one is the most interesting.