Verizon to be the first service provider offering hosted VDI powered by Desktone technology

Just yesterday covered the launch of a peculiar startup in the VDI space: Desktone.

The company has yet to disclose which service providers will use their technology, but it seems that the first will be one of the biggest phone carrier in US: Verizon. received a confirmation that Verizon will offer hosted virtual desktops to its customers, despite nor the price (rumored at $75 / month) neither the launch date were disclosed.
Desktone will split the revenue with the phone carrier.

Another missing information is which back-end virtualization infrastructure will be used by the service provider: Desktone claimed support for VMware ESX only in the first release, but its architecture is able to integrate both Citrix and Microsoft hypervisors.
If Verizon wants to adopt a different virtualization platform it should be easy for Desktone to satisfy the requirement.

In any case this may become the biggest VDI case study existing today.