Quest extends Foglight support to VMware ESX Server

Little by little Quest is extending its presence in the virtualization market. After completing the acquisition of Invirtus, Provision Networks and Vizioncore, the company now is focused on releasing virtualization-aware versions of its products.

Quoting from the official announcement:

Quest Software, Inc. today announced the release of Foglight version 5.2, which supports VMware ESX Server. In a rapidly growing and crowded virtualization management market, Foglight has the unique ability to monitor the impact virtualization changes can have on databases, applications and end users, while simultaneously correlating the usage of resources on both physical servers and virtual machines.

Along with providing customers increased insight into virtual infrastructures, Foglight delivers a set of capabilities that enable organizations to:

  • Contain alarm storms created by the virtual machines and physical servers
  • Track virtual machines from one physical server to another
  • Show the impact that multiple virtual machines, which share physical resources, have on one another as virtualization policies change
  • Receive root-cause diagnostics and expert advice
  • Monitor VMotion events that dynamically move virtual machines
  • Customize views for IT operations, the data center team and management