Review: InfoWorld reviews InovaWave DXtreme 2.0

InfoWorld published a brief but interesting review about DXtreme 2.0 for Windows, the first optimization solution for virtualization platoforms from US startup InovaWave.

DXtreme 2.0 achieved a 8.8/10 score, and InfoWorld reviewer published following conclusion:

InovaWave has performed some neat magic with DXtreme, significantly ramping up VM disk I/O through a combination of intelligent caching and predictive block retrieval. It’s limited to 32-bit Windows host platforms now, but 64-bit versions are on the way. If coming versions maintain the performance and broaden the application, DXtreme will be high octane fuel for any virtualization infrastructure.

Read the whole review at source.

It’s worth to note interview reveals InovaWave is working on DXtreme versions for VMware ESX Server and Xen.