Microsoft doesn’t believe VDI ready for enterprise

Quoting from SearchServerVirtualization:

Mike Neil, Microsoft general manager for virtualization strategy, is “surprised” that IT organizations are so eager to virtualize their desktops. While Microsoft has moved quickly to meet users’ demands in this area — by changing Vista licensing, for instance — Neil thinks most virtual desktop technologies are not ready for adoption by mainstream IT.

I’m somewhat surprised at how quickly companies are investing in these technologies without the proven track record. It may be a little bit of the tail wagging the dog scenario, where the company is making the decision to centralize due to various problems and then thinking about virtualization for solving those problems, rather than the other way around.

We were fairly nimble in reacting with the [Vista for VDI] licensing. Feedback from customers has been positive. We didn’t know exactly what would be the model and how this was going to congeal, so we did it in a way to be flexible and let the customer make those choices. We’ll see how that settles out in the market…

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VMware seems to have completely opposite opinion on this, since acquired Propero just before its IPO.