Podcast: Brian Madden interviews Citrix on Project Trinity

Brian Madden published a very interesting 38-minutes podcast where he interviews Brian Nason, Product Line Executive ofr Emerging Products, and Sumit Dhawan, Director of Product Management for Presentation Server, of Citrix about upcoming company approach to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): Project Trinity.

Among questions addressed during the interview:

  • What is trinity specifically?
  • How does Citrix’s DDI (dynamic desktop initiative) differ from the more standard term VDI?
  • What are the VDI/DDI benefits and how does Trinity deliver these?
  • What technologies make trinity happen?
  • How will trinity fit it to other solutions from other vendors?
  • What is Citrix’s overall application strategy, and how does trinity fit in?
  • How Citrix will handle standard problems like printing, monitoring, management, etc.
  • What is the trinity architecture? How does it tie in the other backend Citrix architectures?
  • How will Citrix connect to an XP Workstation via ICA?

Listen the whole interview at source.