VMware VDI vs Citrix DDI

On the official Citrix architects blog an interesting article has been published trying to explain differences between original VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) approach to virtualization and recently announced Citrix Dynamic Desktop Initiative (DDI):

The major difference between DDI and VDI should be clear from the choice of terms and acronyms: while “virtualization” clearly plays a big role in VDI, the more generic term “dynamic” is used for DDI. This highlights that we envisage Trinity to be a generic desktop brokering solution that is not intimately tied to a particular virtualization solution with desktops executing as virtual machines.
More specifically, VDI is of course VMware’s term, hence in a strict sense a VDI solution would require desktops to execute on top of VMware’s Virtual Infrastructure. However, it is straightforward to generalise the concept for other virtualization vendors such as Microsoft or XenSource…

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