VMware announces winners of Virtual Vanguard Awards

Quoting from the VMware official announcement:

VMware, Inc., the global leader in software for industry-standard virtualized desktops and servers, today announced the winners of the first-ever Virtual Vanguard Awards. The awards recognize VMware customers who have best employed VMware Infrastructure to create innovative, high-ROI and leading-edge IT strategies. The winners represent achievements in four categories:

  • Best Overall ROI and Operational Benefits
    This award showcases the company that has seen the quickest and largest ROI using VMware technology. The entries were judged on the overall impact of costs avoided, time-to-ROI or operational benefits-not the largest or quickest ROI in terms of absolute numbers. The judges also looked at the effect of virtualization on total IT budget, operational performance and/or corporate bottom line.

    Winner: IndyMac Bancorp

  • Most Comprehensive VMware Infrastructure
    This award honors the most comprehensive VMware Infrastructure deployment based on a combination of total size and on amount of total infrastructure virtualized. The judges looked for customers utilizing virtualization technology in multiple ways across their IT infrastructure, from desktop to data center and from development to production, and have virtualized at least 50 percent of their development, staging and production environments.

    Winner: Phoenix Insurance Company

  • Most Critical Application in Production
    This award recognizes the most mission-critical application running on VMware Infrastructure. ?Mission-critical? was defined by the consequences of application failure: Should this application become unavailable for any noticeable length of time, the impact on the applicant?s company would be serious. Examples of such serious consequences might include loss of revenue, broken service-level agreements, customers unable to pay bills or place orders, violations of regulatory compliance rules and compromised security.

    Winner: Tescom

  • Vanguard Award for Innovation
    his award honors customers who have taken virtualization to new levels, leveraging the technology to push the envelope and create unique, innovative solutions to IT challenges.

    Winner: Stowers Institute for Medical Research.