Citrix to launch a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution

Ron Oglesby reveals Citrix is working on a couple of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) products: one to be released very soon and another, more complete, planned for somewhere in the future.

…Okay, with the qualifications out of the way let’s talk about Citrix’s stopgap solution they’re calling the “Remote Desktop Broker” (or RDB). The concept with RDB is pretty simple; it’s an application that can feed parameters into the RDP client and provide you a way to manage connections and create resource pools of desktops (VMs, blades, etc.). The RDB application is installed on a Citrix Presentation Server and then published as an application. Users execute the application which then connects them to the type of desktop they (or the app) is configured for.

I’ll get into more detail on HOW it works in a second, but for now understand that it’s an application, not a server, and because of this is it uses a double-hop scenario with ICA connecting to the Presentation Server and then RDP connecting from the Presentation Server to the virtual desktop…

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