RoudyBob’s impressions on Akimbi Slingshot

Bob Roudebush tested Akimbin Slingshot and blogged about it:

I spent some time with the product this afternoon using the company’s 30-day trial and an installation of VMware GSX server. I must say I was pretty impressed – though I am sure I wasn’t able to properly put the thing through its paces with my single-server environment. The installation was pretty straightforward and the online documentation was informative. I did run into a small issue, though, which prevented me from “deploying” (more Slingshot terminology) a template once I had created it. I sent off a quick email to their support alias and received a response (and a fix) in less than an hour. On a Saturday afternoon, no less. And for software that I was just evaluating. I appreciate software companies that still try hard to exceed their clients’ or prospects’ expectations. You don’t see that very often these days….

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