Significant improvements forecasted for virtualization

iReach Research published a report, Virtualisation as an Enabler of Knowledge Management, claiming a quarter of European firms are currently using server virtualization and 67% of them plan to increase their usage over the next year.

This report seems to totally disagree with the 1 week ago news Techworld reported: Users fail to grasp virtualization benefits.

Based on my personal experience and after collecting several feedbacks from virtualization professionals around Europe, I find rather difficult to believe iReach report.
I would believe a whole quarter of them is evaluating virtualization technologies and testing them in limited environments. I absolutely don’t believe they are using virtualization in production.

Since the report doesn’t explain how firms are working with virtualization, and which kind of industries are involved (it would be easier to believe a quarter of all european IT companies statement) I don’t find it very useful.

Thanks to VMblog for the news.