OpenVZ project surpasses million web hits

Quoting from the OpenVZ official announcement:

The OpenVZ project today announced that its website attracted more than one million hits in January – just one month after full production – as more businesses and individuals explore and contribute to the leading open source operating system virtualization project. Also, with more than 1,000 message posts, the OpenVZ support Forum has been very active with the user community.

“Clearly virtualization is technology whose time has arrived,” said Kir Kolyshkin, manager of the OpenVZ project. “We are immensely gratified that OpenVZ has quickly gained traction not only in the community, but with users who derive value by deploying their applications on virtual private servers. We will continue to add features to OpenVZ software and expect that over time virtualization will become part of the mainstream Linux distributions.”

OpenVZ is an open source spin-off of SWsoft Virtuozzo, which I extensively covered in this 8-pages review.