OT: Thank you!

A last post for this 2005. A post to say thank you all!

virtualization.info thanks all vendors who officially or unofficially fed news, provided software, hardware and books for lab testing and reviews, helped correcting posts and invited to public and private events.
Among them I’d like to mention IBM, Leostream, Microsoft, Parallels, PlateSpin, Rob Bastiaansen, SWsoft, VMware, XenSource.

virtualization.info thanks all blog news contributors who announced or secretely passed informations during the whole year.
Among them I’d like to mention Mark Williamson, Peter Erleshofer, Raffaele Valensise, Steven Bink, and others I cannot mention (they know who they are).

virtualization.info thanks all blog technical contributors who provided web designing, blogging platform, hosting and so on.
Among them I’d like to mention Daniele Perilli, Google, Pialorsi Sistemi.

virtualization.info thanks all other virtualization bloggers who spread virtualization news and linked back this blog.
The whole list of them is on the left sidebar on all blog pages.

But most of all virtualization.info thanks all you enthusiastic readers who demonstrated interest in this blog and virtualization technologies since 2003.
The huge growing rate we saw this year is made by you.

Happy New Year!
Alessandro Perilli