Virtualization growing trends

It’s the end of the year and a bottom line is due: virtualization is spreading at huge rate.

I like to think is a sort of “virtualization meter” since someone interested in this technology will probably arrive here sooner or later.

If this is true statistics can help me explaining what I mean with “huge rate”.
This blog is online since just a couple of years and it uses not too flexible statistical engine (even if StatCounter worked great since ever and it’s free) so I cannot go that further with analysis.

This first graph shows how people interest grew more and more in the last months:

This second graph shows the impressive escalation in visits from 2004 to 2005 looking for various topics:

Gartner on December 2003 said: 2004 is the year of virtualization.
I feel they missed the forecast by 3 years: the virtualization mass-spreading will start on 2007.
So be sure to use your whole 2006 to stay ready.