.infonews welcomes Alessandro Fontana as a team member

12 years ago, in 2003virtualization.info started to track virtualization market and, in 2010, cloudcomputing.info was launched as a sister publication with a focus on the cloud computing market.

In these 12 years .info News team evolved as these markets themselves have done.

Alessandro Perilli, founder and former chief editor of both publications, joined Gartner as Research Director and now is GM of Cloud Management Strategy at Red Hat where has been recently joined by Massimo.

Claudio has been hired from Google and others were also absorbed from Fortune 500 companies or founded their own. These successes confirm the talent of those who contributed and are still contributing to our mission: tracking the evolution of virtualization and cloud computing markets, as well as their technology impact in the IT world, offering ahead of the curve, exhaustive coverage of both industries.

Today we are pleased to welcome Alessandro Fontana as the latest addition to our team.

Alessandro is a globally recognized Digital Strategy expert and is contributor of many communities and publications.

His career and passion allowed him to develop a broader view of the market, specifically on the new way of consume technologies which is changing the enterprise world. His goal is to bring into virtualization.info & cloudcomputing.info the strategic standpoint needed to draw a comprehensive picture of the new, fast paced, world.

Alessandro has 10+ years of experience on ICT with a focus on digital strategy.
In his experience Alessandro has been an advisor for countless enterprises worldwide, driving the digital transformation opportunity through the redesign of business models and the underneath technological infrastructure.

The digital transformation process requires a multi-faceted know-how. Indeed Alessandro’s experience covers all top-notch technologies enabled by the adoption of a cloud operational model, including Social Business Intelligence, Social Enterprise (collaborative environment design) and CRM.

Alessandro’s activities brought him to be an active contributor of several Social Business communities, that allows him to follow the global evolution towards the collaborative economy model, which has cloud-adoption as one of its building blocks.

To see more details about his professional background check https://it.linkedin.com/in/fontanaalessandro

To contact Alessandro send an email to alessandro {dot} fontana {at} virtualization {dot} info

Another great welcome and good luck to Alessandro, new member of the .infonews team!