Citrix announcements from its annual Summit partner conference

Before and during its annual Summit partner conference, held on January 13 and 14, Citrix made several announcements. First of all Citrix announced the acquisition of Sanbolic, which already covered, also the next version of its Hypervisor platform XenServer version 6.5 was announced. But also serveral other announcements were made, which we will summarize in this post.

First of all, Citrix announced version 10 of its enterprise mobility management solution XenMobile. XenMobile provides both Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). For more information about what is included in this release please read the following blog post on the Citrix Blog. The new XenMobile client is available for XenMobile customers to download today. The server enhancements will be available in Q1 2015.


Citrix also announced the feature set for updates to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Server Based Computing (SBC) solutions XenApp and XenDesktop. The feature upgrades, which will be released in Q1 2015 include an updated optimization pack for Microsoft Lync, Director session recording and support for running XenApp and XenDesktop on top of XenServer 6.5. For new functionality, Citrix at the same time will make available a technology preview of a Linux Virtual Desktop Agent which allows for running Linux apps on on non-Linux Devices, HDX with Framehawk which provides graphic acceleration and Citrix DesktopPlayer for Windows which provides an offline virtual desktop. More information about what is included can be found in this blogpost on the Citrix Blog.

Citrix also announced a new solution called WorkspacePod. WorkspacePod, which Citrix will launch with partners provides an pre-packaged offerings that include integrated compute, storage and networking for delivering applications including: Windows, Web and Linux. One of the partners is HP, which will deliver a WorkspacePod running on top of HP’s Moonshot platform and the HP Proliant SL4540 server. More information about this solution can be found in a paper titled: “Citrix WorkspacePod Powered by HP