VMware Product Walkthroughs shows steps to manage VMware solutions

VMware  launched a new website which shows the configuration steps of various VMware solutions. In an attractive user interface showing screendumps the user get an idea of how to perform configuration steps. By clicking right arrow the user is guided.
Also some basic understanding is given of various products.

VMware Walkthroughs is very usefull to understand what a product does without having to read lots of documentation and marketing brochures.
It is also very usefull for presentations and documentation as it has a lot of screendumps.

Quite surprisingly VMware did not spent too much effort to get this new website under the attention of the audience. It has been running for a couple of months now.
Even more surprising is that the landingpage http://vmwarewalkthroughs.com does not show anything of the content.

Lots of  information of how to configure VMware NSX. Screendumps on NSX which I have not seen anywhere else on the internet.

This shows how to configure vSphere HA, DRS , vSphere Replication, vCOPS and lots more.

Information on vCloud Director, App HA, Flash Read Cache and more

How to configure Virtual SAN, use storage policies and more.