Recordings of 17 VMworld Europe Breakout Sessions available free

VMware TV published a couple of recordings of breakout sessions presented at VMworld Europe. The recordings can be watched for free. No account needed.

The interesting thing to note is that VMware seems to be publishing more content of VMware than previously. I believe last year about ten videos were posted. Now sessions that were held at October 17 are put online on the same day. I believe this is very nice and VMware follows Microsoft who publishes content of all TechEd events within 24 hours.

VSVC5690 – vSphere Upgrade Series Part 1: vCenter Server
VSVC4944 – PowerCLI Best Practices – A Deep Dive
VSVC4605 – What’s New in VMware vSphere?
VSVC5005 – What’s New in vSphere Platform & Storage
VSVC4830 – vCenter Deep Dive
VSVC5821 – Performance and Capacity Management of DRS Clusters
BCO5065 – VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance for Multiprocessor Virtual Machines – Technical Preview
BCO5041 – vSphere Data Protection – What’s New and Technical
BCO4872 – Operating and Architecting a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster Infrastructure
NET7388-S – Network Virtualization: Moving Beyond the Obvious
EUC5291 – Horizon View Troubleshooting: Looking under the Hood
EUC7370-S – The Software Defined Datacenter Meets End User Computing
PHC4783 – How To Build Your Hybrid Cloud and Consume the Public Cloud
PHC5605-S – Everything You Want to Know About vCloud Hybrid but were afraid to ask
STO5391 – VMware Virtual SAN
STO5715-S – Software-defined Storage – The Next Phase in the Evolution of Enterprise Storage
VCM7369-S – Uncovering the Hidden Truth in Log Data With vCenter Log Insight