VMware announces Log Insight 1.5 TP 3

A month after the release of TP 2, VMware announces the availability of VMware Log Insight 1.5 Technical Preview 3, another fast release of this log management, aggregation and analysis tool that is trying to compete with more affirmed competitors like Splunk.

The new features introduced with this release are:

  • The Health page has been replaced from the System Monitor page, in the same way the System Info tab has been replaced from the Resource tab that now also features live charts.
  • Now the Active Directory configuration supports SSL domain controllers and also a binding user for adding new users and groups.
  • Dynamic Constraints has been introduced to provide the ability to add any field to any query independently from the appearance in the result list.
  • The Interactive Analytics page now has a field table view.
  • There is a new vSphere content pack, renamed from vSphere to VMware – vSphere, with new dashboard, alarms and extracted fields.
  • A deployment size step has been introduced in the instance deployment process, now is possible to directly specify the resource configuration based on the usage requirements.