VMware loses its Senior Director Enterprise Mobile Solutions

VMware has lost its Senior Director Enterprise Mobile Solutions: Srinivas Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti was Senior Director Enterprise Mobile Solutions for 3 1/2 years and responsible for product management and overall Marketing, BD and Partnerships strategy for VMware’s mobile products, his profile is still listed on the VMware website though. He has worked in several other functions at VMware for almost 20 years. His linkedin profile now shows that he is co-founder of a company yet to be disclosed.

Krishnamurti successfully led VMware into new markets during his tenure at the company. Srinivas played an instrumental role in VMware’s entrance in the mobile space, building a global ecosystem of carrier and device partners, and delivering a first-of-its kind mobile virtualization offering to the IT industry. In addition, Srinivas spearheaded the launch of VMware Fusion, bringing VMware’s virtualization technology to consumers for the first time. He also led product management for VMware’s developer products and oversaw the company’s Linux strategy.

Thanks to Allesandro Perilli (@a_perilli) for providing the news.