Paper: Hybrid Cloud with NVGRE

Kristian Nese and Flemming Ris, both Cloud and Datacenter MVP’s have released a paper titled:”Hybrid Cloud with NVGRE“. The paper contains 72 pages.

NVGRE (Network Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation) is a network virtualization technology that attempts to alleviate the scalability problems associated with large cloud computing deployments. It uses Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) to tunnel layer 2 packets over layer 3 networks. With the upcoming release of Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 NVGRE has made some huge enhancements, which are outlined in this paper.This white paper is meant to show you a real world deployment of a fabric infrastructure that is supporting network virtualization with NVGRE for hybrid cloud computing.


The paper contains the following sections:

  • Configuring Management, Front-end, Cluster and Live Migration networks in Fabric
  • Creating IP pools for your Management, Front-end, Custer and Live Migration network
  • Creating the Provider Address logical network used for network virtualization
  • Creating and assigning an IP pool to the Provider Address network
  • Creating Logical Switches with Port Profiles
  • Creating VM Networks
  • Configuring networking on the hosts
  • Configure the gateway host
  • Creating the Network Virtualization Gateway – Service Template
  • Post configuration of virtualization gateway service
  • Adding the virtualization gateway Network Service in VMM
  • Creating VM Networks with NAT
  • Deploying Virtual Machines connected to VM Networks
  • Verifying connectivity and troubleshooting