VMware Virtual SAN Public Beta

Among all the announcements made in the first day of VMworld 2013, the public beta of VMware Virtual SAN technology is one of the most interesting.
Virtual SAN is a software-defined storage tier embedded directly within vSphere 5.5 hypervisor (but licensed separately) and constitutes (with NSX) one of the key components of VMware’s vision of software-defined datacenter.
vSAN leverages the local storage (each host will require at least one SSD and one magnetic disk) from a number of ESXi hosts (limited to 8 in the beta) that belongs to a cluster and presents the aggregate as a single shared datastore.
This datastore can be used exactly as a “standard” one, for example for VM placement, vMotion, DRS and HA and could be scaled-out on the fly adding additional physical storage to the hosts.
In terms of QoS administrators can create VM Storage Policies defining performances and availability needs on a per virtual machine level even if the VMs share the same datastore.
You can subscribe to the public beta from today at this link.
For a technical in-depth we suggest the post by Duncan Epping.