Release: VMware Horizon View 5.2 Feature Pack 2

VMware has released Feature Pack 2 for its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) product View. Feature Pack 2 is the follow up of Feature Pack 1 which was released in March this year. The two new features being introduced in Feature Pack 2 are “Real-Time Audio-Video” and “Flash URL Redirection” for live webcast video also improvements were made to Unity Touch. Also the View clients have been updated to support the new features.

”Real-Time Audio-Video” enables Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) users to have broader application support for real-time audio and video when using devices such as microphones and webcams on their local clients. By encoding audio and video using industry standard codecs, the upstream bandwidth for a single webcam session can be reduced by up to 100x versus using general USB redirection for webcams.


“Flash URL Redirection” for live webcast video allows a customer to stream webcast video commonly used during a CEO broadcast to their virtual desktops. From the client endpoint, a local flash player opens up and contacts the Adobe Media Server directly to request the live webcast video. The live webcast is then delivered using standard networking protocols directly to the client endpoint.

More information can be found in the release notes.