Citrix boosts VDI with Nvidia GRID vGPU technology

In recent times Nvidia has been investing in the enterprise market rather than its usual HPC environments.
In March the company unveiled its NVIDIA GRID-based server solutions announcing that was working with the major virtualization vendors to offer vGPU accelerated VDI.
Last week, during Citrix Synergy in Los Angeles, Citrix finally announced the integration of NVIDIA GRID vGPU in its XenDesktop 7 solution which potentially represents a big step forward in VDI experience for the end users.
In working environments where BYOD is becoming day after day more important, benefit of full graphic acceleration independently from the device used to access enterprise applications, could advantage not only graphic intensive applications but the general desktop experience of the users.

From what reported in the press release, XenDesktop 7 takes advantage of HDX GPU sharing and compression techniques to deliver graphics-intensive applications, using the Microsoft Windows Server RDSH can also be enabled the sharing of GPUs across multiple user sessions. Citrix XenServer can also use NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology to allow the sharing of GPUs across multiple virtual machines.