VMTurbo signs partnership with Net One Systems

Today April 16, VMTurbo announced to have signed a partnership with Japanese network services reseller Net One Systems.

Founded 2009, VMTurbo is provider of software-defined control for cloud and virtualized environments, together with Net One Systems they are going to distribute VMTurbo Operations Manager.

The partnership lead to IDC Frontier as customer, which is a provider of data center solutions, selected VMTurbo to address the challenges associated with operating, optimizing and controlling their virtualized infrastructure.

VMTurbo Operations Manager approaches planning, deploying, managing and controlling workloads, by automating the decision-making process in software allows critical applications to have the resources they require while maximizing utilization of the physical infrastructure. The product’s software-defined control offloads and automates decision-making from operational staff—reducing time spent troubleshooting and maximizing infrastructure utilization.

N. Louis Shipley, president and chief executive officer at VMTurbo, said:

Net One Systems is leading the charge in solving the real challenges their customers are experiencing in managing cloud services and IT operations in virtualized data centers. They are capitalizing on the opportunities to drive operational efficiencies and capital cost savings, and we look forward to working with such a respected solutions provider in the important Japanese market,IDC Frontier’s decision to select VMTurbo Operations Manager is a great example of leading organizations embracing a new approach to controlling their virtual infrastructure and raising the consistency of service delivery.

Fumihiko Shinoura, executive officer of Net One Systems, declared:

Adding VMTurbo to our portfolio of competitive and innovative IT solutions caters directly to our customers’ business needs, we are seeing the demand for advanced virtualization and cloud solutions escalate, and bringing VMTurbo on board enables us to offer a transformative, automated IT operations solution that ensures cloud and virtualized environments are operating in the most optimized state.