Stratus Technologies acquires Marathon Technologies

On September 24, Stratus Technologies Inc., the producer of fault tolerant computer servers and Stratus Avance software in June 2008, a high availability product with virtualization built announced the acquisition of Marathon Technologies Corp., the company responsible of a software and networking technology that allowed multiple Windows/Intel servers to operate as a single fault-tolerant system.
Both companies are based in Massachusetts, after this transaction, Marathon’s employers who are based mostly in the company headquarter will be offered employment with Stratus. This alliance would enhance Stratus software portfolio, expanding its customer base, the company would be able to amplify further into virtualization and private cloud-computing implementations.
David C. Laurello, Stratus Chairman and CEO declares:
The Marathon everRun portfolio and the Stratus hardware and software offerings comprise the most complete set of availability solutions ever offered by our industry. There is virtually no requirement for uptime we cannot meet, by adding software fault tolerance and increasing the size of Stratus’s software business through this acquisition, we have accelerated our ability to deliver a total software solution to the marketplace.
Andy Cohen, VP of Strategic Development and Investments, Citrix, comments:
Marathon has been a strong and productive Citrix partner, Marathon everRun MX, which is built on Citrix XenServer, now becomes part of a larger group of technology innovators who are committed to application availability and customer satisfaction.