CompuCom partners with Virtual Bridges

CompuCom, the texan IT outsourcing company specialized in data center and cloud computing, network, and IT Infrastructure Services just joined up with Virtual Bridges, another texan company that develops desktop virtualization solution, providing support for Windows and Linux desktops, together they will deliver Desktop Cloud as a Managed Service

The join venture would allow the two companies to deliver a virtualized desktop solution that would be delivered and managed as a service, as an hosted offering of directly where it is needed. The focus is to give a complete cloud-based desktop infrastructure product that would permit to get a manageable and automatic environment that would work on all devices, reducing cost and time.
Ed Anderson, chief strategy officer for CompuCom affirms:
Organizations of all sizes are looking to leverage the benefits of virtualization to transform the cost of managing desktops, protect end user data, and provide access from anywhere,CompuCom’s relationship with Virtual Bridges is an extension of our continued commitment to bring innovative business and technology solutions to our clients