Convirture: new version of ConVirt Enterprise Cloud with VMware Support

Convirture the company, founded in 2006 that offers an open source management console to manage open source virtualization platforms,  announced today August 28th,  the release of a Beta version of ConVirt Enterprise Cloud.

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud aims to be the single tool used to manage virtual and cloud infrastructures based on the open-source hypervisors KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), Xen, OpenStack and Amazon EC2. The new Beta version of the program would permit the management of VMware-based datacenters as well.
Arsalan Farooq, founder and CEO at Convirture comments in the press release:
As data centers increasingly deploy a mix of technologies, IT managers are looking for a ‘single pane of glass’ to manage all of them, which is what this version of ConVirt Enterprise Cloud offers, from our perspective, the hypervisor and cloud wars are meaningless. Whether it’s VMware, KVM, Xen and any of the clouds, organizations just want the best tool for the job. With ConVirt, we can provide users with a management layer that also brings in Xen, KVM and all cloud platforms. It will deliver the everyday needs for their ongoing, day-to-day management of virtual environments.