Release: Unidesk Corporation Unidesk 2.0

Unidesk Corporation launched at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco the new Unidesk 2.0, offering to the attendees live demos of their virtual desktop management software.

Unidesk offers the all in one desktop layering solution,  its integrated third party VDI management solution for VMware View allows IT managers to create customized desktops. Since last may Unidesk Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) is available as part of Dell’s porfolio.

Unidesk now includes VMware vSphere® Hypervisor integrations, user layer snapshots and restore point automation for desktop recovery and backup, among the new capabilities also the integration of Storage tiers for cost/performance optimization and Installation wizards.

Chris Midgley, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Unidesk commented about the new release:

First generation VDI was plagued by excessive cost and complexity, yet VDI desire remains strong, our full desktop layering approach has proven to be a simpler, more complete single-pane-of-glass alternative to the mishmash of tools others offer for provisioning, image management, application virtualization, departmental apps, user-installed apps, and profile management. With Unidesk 2.0, our improvements in availability, performance, and scalability enable customers to accelerate VDI rollouts and realize even greater operational cost savings.