Release: VKernel vOPS Server Enterprise 6.6.2

On July 31, VKernel Corporation, announced the release of vOPS Server Enterprise 6.6.2, in its new feature set is included a new self-learning analytics that allows virtual administrators to deploy dynamic thresholding.

VKernel Corporation, founded in 2007, acquired by Quest in November 2011, offers performance and capacity management products for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualized infrastructures, and virtual appliances for managing virtual server environments.

The new self-learning analytics allows to determine precisely the normality or abnormality of resource usage patterns,in VM CPU, memory, storage and disk I/O utilization. Therefore adding Dynamic thresholding gives the opportunity to analyse consumption of resources and to remove performances issues that could happen in a virtual environment.

As Alex Rosemblat, Product Marketing Manager at VKernel, writes on the Vkernel Virtualization Management Blog:

Dynamic thresholding is powered by the IntelliProfile self-learning analytics engine, which has been deployed in many Quest products to assess abnormalities in utilization for specific type of applications. Now, IntelliProfile will analyze resource utilization in VMs and hosts. Specifically, dynamic thresholding makes use of these self-learning analytics to understand the “normal” range of VM resource usage in a virtual environment. Because every environment can be vastly different, these analytics observe consumption of resources over a period of time to understand usage. For example, if a VM displays high CPU utilization on the same day each week, these analytics “learn” that this is a usual occurrence and will consider this to be the baseline utilization, dynamically setting warning thresholds differently for this day. As a result, this VM would be considered to have a high CPU utilization performance issue only if the CPU utilization is vastly higher than usual for this specific day of the week. Through this method, “abnormal” behavior for resource usage is dynamically determined and false positives can be removed for behavior that is shown to be typical.

More about IntelliProfile is specified in their press release:

Dynamic Thresholding Bolsters Multi-Analytic Approach in vOPS Server Product Line vOPS Server Enterprise 6.6.2 features dynamic thresholding for VM resource utilization by enabling the IntelliProfile self-learning analytics engine. IntelliProfile is a mature technology featured in other Quest products to detect abnormalities in usage in applications such as Microsoft SQL Server. Dynamic thresholding will complement existing analytic types within vOPS Server Enterprise such as threshold-based alarms and accelerated growth alarms to expand the total number of issue types that can be detected by the vOPS Server product line.