Dell acquires Quest Software

Today Dell and Quest announced the achievement of a definitive agreement for Dell to acquire Quest after several months of “bidding war“, according to Bloomberg.

Under the terms of the agreement, Dell will pay $28.00 per share against the bid of $25.75 made from Insight Venture Partners, that raises Dell’s total offering at $2.4 billion.

In Dell’s new vision Quest’s assets, like its access management software, performance monitoring solutions, Windows Server and database management solutions became important elements.

Dell recently announced the formation of its Software Group to build upon its existing software expertise. The Dell Software Group will add to Dell’s enterprise solutions capability, accelerate strategic growth and further differentiate the company from competitors by increasing its solutions portfolio with Dell-owned intellectual property.

From Quest’s press release:

Quest’s family of software solutions and key technologies are strongly aligned with Dell’s software strategy.  The acquisition provides critical components to expand Dell’s software capabilities in systems management, security, data protection and workspace management.  In addition, Quest’s software portfolio is highly complementary to Dell’s scalable design approach to develop solutions that scale with customer needs. Some examples include:
  • The Quest One Identity and Access Management solution family adds to Dell’s very strong set of security assets with SonicWALL and Secureworks, creating a comprehensive set of security solutions to address important customer needs.
  • Quest’s Performance Monitoring solutions for applications, networks and databases address a rapidly growing need for our customers. Industry analysts have consistently ranked Quest Foglight as a leading application performance monitoring solution. Businesses of all sizes are looking to reduce their IT complexity and automate workloads for their IT departments.  Customers worldwide leverage Foglight to continually monitor their IT environments, proactively identifying and remedying performance issues before they become bigger problems.
  • Quest’s Windows Server Management solutions complement Dell Services’ rapidly growing application modernization practice with recently acquired Clerity Solutions and Make Technologies.
  • Effective database management is critical to the successful operation of most organizations. Quest’s Database Management capabilities offer a strong complement to Dell’s enterprise offering.  Today, millions of DBAs, developers, and analysts around the world rely on Quest’s database management tools to simplify their work.