VMware announces Horizon Mobile

In November 2008, VMware acquired Trango Virtual Processors announcing its plans to release a type-2 hypervisor for mobile phones called Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP). Development didn’t go as planned though, forcing VMware to delay the solution for at least one year. In December last year, VMware announced a partnership with LG to deliver MVP on LG phones with the Android OS.

During VMworld last week, VMware announced Horizon Mobile, consisting of Horizon Mobile Manager and VMware’s Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP). Horizon Mobile Manager, which will be a separate SaaS application hosted by VMware provides a management console that securely provisions, monitors, updates and de-provisions the virtual workspace residing on mobile devices.

VMware also announced that besides LG, also Samsung and other smartphone/tablet manufactures will make this solution available.


VMware also announced that future releases of VMware Horizon will marry the management of existing Windows applications via application virtualization and publishing technologies from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware, with the management of mobile and cloud-based applications.